Review Policy

*IMPORTANT: Please note that I am NOT currently accepting ANY new books for review due to personal issues. If I have already accepted your book for review, I will review it as soon as I can, but I will not be taking any new requests for a while. I will post on this page when I will start to accept review requests again.*

Hi there! Thank you for visiting Book For Thought and for your interest in my reviews. If you're an author or publisher and you would like me to consider reviewing one of your titles (or even if you're just a reader, and you're curious about my review criteria) keep reading to find out more about my Review Policy.

I read almost all book genres, with a definite preference for fiction over non-fiction. I read books in English and Italian, both in print and e-book. Should you wish to send me a book to read or host a giveaway, I'll be thrilled to consider it. You can email your request to 


I will also consider requests for participation in blog tours, and I am available to host author guest posts and interviews. Also, feel free to browse my TBR: if you see your book on there, then you're in luck! You already know I WANT to read it, so just email me to get my shipping address, and wait for my review to come up. Note that I am currently based in the UK, so please ensure this does not conflict with your territory rights before sending in a request.

I will accept ARCs and Review Copies (both print and e-book, but pdf or epub only, please!) as well as finished books and select self-published books. There are however a few types of books I will NOT consider or review here:
  • inspirational, self-help books and manuals in general
  • biographies, autobiographies and memoirs
  • erotica, science-fiction, horror and overtly religious books
  • audiobooks and graphic novels
  • poetry and short stories collections
  • young children's book
In addition to posting a review detailing what I liked or didn't like about a book, I will also score books on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 indicating books I didn't like at all and 5 those I absolutely loved. Half points are also used. Be advised that there may be occasional use of gifs, caps and sarcasm, because a girl sometimes just needs all of these!

All my reviews are fair, honest, and polite, and reflect my own opinions. There will never be nasty comments on the book, author or publisher. That said, they will not always be positive reviews, and if I didn't like a book, I will explain why it didn't work for me. I will also expressly state in my review if the book was a review copy.

Please note that I try to review books in a timely manner, normally between 1-4 week from when I start it, BUT in some periods I may be really busy, and so it could take considerably more.

So, like what you read? Think you meet all my (very demanding!) criteria? Then what are you waiting for?? Don't be shy, get in touch and say hi!